art_is_about_gardening 2020


Ein Video, welches während dem Lockdown entstanden ist.

Das Video wurde im Rahmen von „linked objects“ im Projektionsraum gezeigt.

In diesem Rahmen zeigte ich auch die Performance „art is about gardening“

Linked Objects

Nine Dragon Heads 34 Videos / Performances / 120 min Video Loop September 26. / September 30. 2020

“Linked Objects” is initiated by the International Environmental Art Symposium Nine Dragon Heads’ international artists. The project comprises an exhibition and conference dedicated to the wider perception of the COVID-19 consequences in contemporary culture and art and other art events researching the influence of outbreak.

We say that digital communication made the world smaller meaning that we are interconnected through our avatars in the virtual world. What the outbreak of the COVID-19 clearly showed is that we are connected through our real bodies as well in an analog world. This bond turned out to be no less solid or mutually influential than any world wide web.

Today in lockdown, we are linked to each other not only through social networks, messages and emails but also the shared fears and hopes for medical treatment that can bring rapid change back to normal. We try to understand and assess the situation we found ourselves in. In our bizarre life-saving encapsulation, with numerous questions and expectations in the background, we attempt to cope with separation, staying still and non-involvement in the stopped world.

The world that has stopped feels especially challenging for creative communities and the artists of projects similar to Nine Dragon Heads (NDH) working in post-studio, experimental or performative modes of art-practice whose activity and creative impulse has always been linked to travel, close contact with nature, researches, exhibitions, and events at various corners of the world and inspirational encounters with thought-provoking people and places.

Art is the best means to reflect on or at least represent emotions, feelings, and thoughts in every possible life situation, so in current lockdown as well. The project “Linked Objects” is an offer to meditate on our interconnectedness in times of isolation and forceful separation in the condition similar to what German-Swiss psychiatrist and philosopher Karl Jaspers calls a limit situation. The term describes the situations that disturb us, force us towards somewhat alternative self-identifications, which eliminates us from social connections, obliges us to survive and makes us seek alarming ways of communication. In the electronic world, on the other hand, the linked object is an object such as a graphic etc., which is included within a document in such a way that it is linked to the source file, so that whenever the source changes, the object automatically updates.

Susanne Muller / Calculated Risk
Daniela de Madalenna / art is about gardening

Ali Bramwell (NZ), Alois Schild (AT), Antti Tenetz (FI), Biro Jozsef (HU), Bruce Allan (GB), Brigitte & Gabriela (AT), Channa Boon (NL), Christophe Doucet (FR), Daniela de Maddalena (CH), Denizhan Ozer (TK), Enrique Muñoz García (CL/CH), Diek Grobler (ZA), Fred Luide (CH), Gabriel Adams (US), Gordana Andjelic (B&H), Harold de Bree (NL), Hannes Egger (IT), Iliko Zautashvili (GE), Ingrid Rollema (HL), Jason Hawkes (AU), Jayne Dyer (PT) Jessy Theo Rahman (SR), Josephine Turalba (PH), Kelli Sharp (AU), Lois Schenk(AU), Magda Guruli(GE), Max Buhlmann(CH), Mike Watson & Jussi (IT/FI), Nandin Edrene (MO), Oona Hyland(IR), Pang Hyosung(KR), Paul Donker Duyvis(NL), Park Byounguk (KR), Pietertje V. Splunter (NL), Phil Dadson (NZ), Rosh Abdelfatah (SY), So Young(KR), Susanne Muller CH), Thom Vink (NL),Yoko Kajio (JP)

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