Taste of Tea Biennale Istanbul parallel event „Hospitality Inn“

For some years already, Swiss artist Daniela de Maddalena works in the domain of interactive art. Her deep consternation about humanitarian disasters all over the world are significantly influencing her work. She is particularly interested in a better understanding of different cultures.

At the Biennale of Istanbul (Srkeci and Haydarpasa) she will serve to the audience of her performances a special welcome drink as “a present from the kitchen“. In this work, she is interested in the tradition of tea drinking as a sign of welcome culture in Turkey.

Performance Sirkeci Station (about 45 minutes)

Title: “hospitality” 2017

Turkish tea glasses, spoons, a salver, water and 3 bins with the main ingredients for survival are arranged on a small table covered with a napkin. Under the eyes of the audience the artist prepares drinks. Every mixed drink she offers on a salver alternating to a man or a woman as an act of hospitality.


Performative Installation Haydarpasa station (September 13 – October 5)

Wagon 6

Title: “hospitality inn” 2017

In an old railway passenger coach at Haydarpasa station, which represents her restaurant “Hospitality In”, Daniela de Maddalena welcomes her guests. The ambiance is surprisingly nice and visitors feel comfortable. The menu is rich and is inviting to order. Only the prices are strange: 1 Kurus. A waitress asks the guests for their orders. As “a present from the kitchen” a waitress brings fresh water and 3 bins containing the main ingredients for survival on a salver. Under the eyes of her guests she prepares a welcome drink in Turkish tea glasses for everyone as a sign of hospitality. Then the ordered dishes will be served. Every course will be announced. But, as a surprise for the guests, the plates will remain empty.

During the exhibition, water, sugar, salt, vitamins and tea glasses are provided on the tables, so that guests can also serve themselves while they take a break.


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